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Cryoskin; A Non-Invasive Way To Get Rid Of Excessive Fat

Even the healthiest among us can have trouble with extra fat or cellulite. Despite being a common source of annoyance, many individuals put up with this kind of fat because they think surgery is their sole option for permanently removing it.

Cryoskin is the best option since it reduces costs, causes no discomfort, and requires no recovery time. This method has replaced liposuction as the gold standard in body contouring.

Cryoskin: What is it?

Cryoskin technology uses ultrasound-like equipment controlled by an electronic network. An electronic temperature sensor in the device’s processor head regulates the cooling system. The machine and the numbers on the screen work together in real-time to maintain the desired temperature.

Cryoskin Toning is a technique that employs the use of freezing temperatures to firm and smooth skin that has lost its suppleness. It does this by first constricting the blood arteries and then expanding them at regular intervals, which promotes micro-circulation (oxygenated blood flow). As a consequence, your body will produce more elastin and collagen, which may help tighten saggy skin and diminish the look of cellulite.

Cryoskin’s Slimming and Face treatments help eliminate fat cells and revitalize facial skin, respectively.

To what extent do the Therapies Work?

Cryoskin treatments don’t require any sedatives or painkillers. The device’s capacity to quickly cool and heat the cells allows it to deliver a thermal shock to the targeted fat cells. The first step is to provide heat to the skin, which causes the fat cells to migrate to the epidermis. The cells are then quickly chilled and killed. The broken-down fat cells are subsequently flushed out of the system. There is zero recovery period, and people can go right back to their normal lives.

How secure is Cryoskin?

Most users of the Cryoskin device indicate that their sessions are painless, and some even compare it to a pleasurable massage. Five years after finishing treatment, patients still report seeing results in terms of body tone and fat reduction, according to the studies. Most people see results in firming up right away. A modest increase in the frequency and volume of urination may occur in the three days after therapy, although this is the only known negative effect. Some people had temporary, pinpoint redness that went away within a few hours.

Raising Vibrations PLLC is equipped with the latest Cryoskin technology, so you can book an appointment with us.