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90 minutes massage

Professional 90 Minutes Massage in Clearwater, FL

Raising Vibrations PLLC is a woman-owned and locally operated business known for its soothing full-body massage services. Having a qualified professional on board, we offer the best 90 minutes massage in Clearwater, FL. In a 90-minute full-body massage, we look for pressure points and apply gentle pressure to release the blood flow in the area to release the pain. At Raising Vibrations PLLC, we understand that no two bodies are the same, and we offer customized services to each client. We first assess your body type first and then choose the right massage method suitable for your body. Connect with the professional and visit us for a quality massage.

Experience A Fresh and Healthy Lifestyle

Many customers feel fresh and much more relaxed once their muscles are at rest and free of trigger points. At Raising Vibrations PLLC, we’ve offered 90 minutes massage in Clearwater, FL, to thousands of clients and left everyone amazed with the experience. Our customers feel fresh, flexible, and healthy after every massage session, thanks to our qualified masseuse. We always focus on trigger points and make sure that we put gentle pressure and use the right technique to keep the massage painless for you. Moreover, we keep learning new techniques and only opt for the most effective options to ensure maximum comfort by relieving our clients from severe pain.